My Interview on ‘The Infinite Jigsaw’ podcast

I’ve recently been interviewed on ‘The Infinite Jigsaw’ podcast by Danny Doran, who runs the pod.

Danny has for some time been interviewing people with an interest in faith matters under the heading ‘The Wonder of Wonderful Faith’. Not all of his guests are believers. His podcast otherwise covers a whole range of topics, not just faith, but he has had some interesting guests in the faith series and I was honoured to be invited to take part. The show covers a wide range of faith or Christian Church-related issues, some of which taxed my knowledge, but Danny professed himself to be happy with the outcome. I was somewhat relieved, as it was the first time that I’d ventured into the world of podcasts, where the amount of time you have to think about your reply to the questions is inevitably limited.

I hope that you will find the interview interesting, and please do send me your comments, either privately or by commenting on the public part of this site. The podcast interview can be reached by clicking on the link below

2 thoughts on “My Interview on ‘The Infinite Jigsaw’ podcast

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