When and why did our country and our Church become so hate-filled?

Those who follow this blog will know that its purpose is to explain Christian theology and thought; it was never intended to be a ‘political’ platform. But I have never agreed with those who feel that Christian teaching should be kept out of politics. Surely we have a duty to comment, when we think that our country and Church is behaving without compassion? Listening to the news in the last few days has brought these three Biblical quotations to mind. (Click on title to read more)

Isolation and Mental Health

Several times in the last few weeks, I’ve referred to the fact that there’s a huge cultural gap between Jesus’s time and ours. St Luke’s disturbing story of the demon-possessed man underlines that in those days, the unexplained and unexplainable were often attributed to other-worldly beings, such as demons. Passages such as this are often criticised by those without a faith. Was Jesus actually an exorcist of the most sensational kind? (Click on the title to read more)