Locked in our own self-made tombs?

In recent months, people have been speculating about what’s going wrong in the Church of England. Some have suggested that the Church has abandoned and rejected the ‘supernatural’ elements of God, as they think that supernatural events are counter-scientific and drive people away from God. This raises the massive issue of how we should view the miracles in the Bible; it’s a challenge to all who want to believe.

I am informed. Are you?

Several media commentators have noted the fact that the 'message' about 'the science' of Covid has been changing since just before Christmas. I also think it might be, very slowly. But I remain staggered at how many people remain totally uninformed and unaware that the unbalanced message pumped out by the Mainstream Media every single day is not as definitive and clear-cut as they would like you to believe. As with most subjects, the only way to make yourself informed is to read widely, from reputable sources. And I do not mean Facebook or Twitter!