Judas Iscariot and Good Friday

I’ve always been unsettled by the stories about Judas, and what follows was written in an attempt to explain why. Good Friday is an uncomfortable day, as it’s the one day when we’re asked to be introspective as we look up at the cross. We’re challenged not only to see Jesus hanging there, but we must be brave enough to see on the cross all those whom any of us have, at any time, rejected, excluded, bruised, damaged. (Click on the title to read more...)

Notre Dame and the Theology of Sacred Buildings

Most of those reading this will know that I spent a number of years as Director of the Historic Churches Preservation Trust (which has since changed its name to the ‘National Churches Trust’). In that role, I was responsible for making the case for protecting and caring for our sacred buildings here in the UK. The dreadful events of the last few hours in Paris challenge us to consider our relationship with such buildings in the modern secular world. (Click on the title to read more…)

Is doubt good or bad?

I’ve decided that an article about ‘doubt’ and ‘certainty’ is a good place to start this blogsite, because so many other things flow from how we address this one issue. There are many churches that view doubt as being negative and who deliberately set out to teach certainty. But is this a sensible policy? (Click on the title to read more...)