Self-loathing, Anger and Forgiveness

The sharp-eyed among my readers will have noticed that I’ve quoted a passage from Leviticus for today’s blog, the words of which are very similar to the one from the Letter of James that I chose last week. If we’re honest, none of us remember many sermons from one year to the next, but I’ve never forgotten a sermon that I heard on this verse from Leviticus, several decades ago.

Am I a Racist?

In 1972, I made my first visit to the United States. It included a trip to Dothan, Alabama. The morning after my arrival, I witnessed a young white man shout in a southern drawl at a grey-haired black man: ‘Come here, boy!’

Standing and Staring

During the last few weeks, I’ve found myself reading more books than before, but I’ve also found occasional time to watch long films. Generally, I find it difficult to free up more than a couple of hours or so to watch a film. But a few weeks ago, I sat down in cold blood to watch the famous 1956 film by Cecil B DeMille, The Ten Commandments, one of the longest films ever made by Hollywood, at three hours and forty minutes.