Christianity can help our mental health, if only we’ll let it!

Scarcely a day goes by without my reading about the heavy toll on the nation’s mental health. We shouldn’t be surprised that many are suffering from stress and anxiety after a year of lockdown at various levels and with our Press and Media uniformly overflowing with dire warnings of Third Waves, monstrous global death tolls and the risk of variants that will be resistant to the vaccines and which will set us back to square one.

Face masks – the ultimate proof of our collective insanity

Why on earth would I wish to write about masks? Isn’t it a very minor inconvenience, in the larger context of lockdowns and other restrictions on our lives? It’s precisely because I believe the opposite that I want to tackle the subject. I believe masks to be the height of stupidity and an outward sign of the extent of our government’s duplicity and our collective insanity in meekly complying.

Christian and Easter values have never had such relevance

It’s frustrating being a Christian at the current time. This isn’t just because of the absolutely appalling way that our Church of England has reacted to COVID, but also because it’s not hard to see how much good could be done, if only our Church provided some moral leadership, rather than slavishly following the government line on the ‘pandemic’. It’s an understatement to say that it’s a huge wasted opportunity. It lacks so much vision and it could so easily lead to the long-term demise of the Church.