Arrogance: The Antithesis of Christianity

I wonder whether, like me, your friends or family have referred to the last eighteen months as ‘strange’? When I first heard this, it struck me as a rather odd choice of word for the period of COVID restrictions. But the longer I continue to see apparently fit young people wearing masks in the street, or even sitting alone in their own cars, the more apt the adjective seems to become.

Thank God that nature can’t spell ‘Coronavirus’

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a blog about giving gratitude for the English Countryside in summer. At that stage, it was warm and sunny and our garden was full of butterflies of many kinds. This year has been so different. I can’t remember a colder spring than 2021, and many of the plants in our garden were scorched by a heavy wind-borne frost well into May.

Concerns are mounting about vaccines. Our children must NOT be ‘vaccinated’.

I've said before on this site that I am no 'anti-vaxxer'. But I am increasingly concerned that the pressure is beginning to mount to bludgeon parents into having their children 'vaccinated'. As we all know, this is not a 'vaccine' in the traditional sense. It crosses many boundaries never crossed before and we should surely be taking maximum precautions, rather than rushing it through to a group that is not at serious risk from the virus itself, but may be from the vaccine.

The Church: Burning deckchairs on the Titanic

I’ve been continuing to follow the ‘irreverend’ podcasts*, which are a weekly dose of sanity in a mad world. I’ve been struck when listening to them that here we have two young curates and one vicar, commenting weekly on the total lack of any theological and moral leadership from the Church of England. If they can see it, why is the hierarchy of the Church apparently completely blind?