Does Extinction Rebellion want to prevent extinction? Or encourage it?

‘Scientific evidence confirms that natural cycles, volcanic activity, galactic cosmic rays and changes in solar activity from sunspots have had a negligible effect on our current temperature rise.’ ‘There is nothing magical about the greenhouse effect. We know exactly how to deal with it.’ So states the website of ‘Extinction Rebellion’. Wow! My mind boggles at how the tests for that ‘scientific evidence’ could have been designed, measured and recorded!

Hopes for a new baby being baptised

These are troubling times. They are times that call out for us to pause as we go through our daily lives, and consider what life is, or should be, all about. What follows are some ideas that I shared as part of a public baptism. I find as I read these words, that I hope you’ll enjoy, that they have more relevance now than when I wrote them, several years ago. Please do let me know what you think.

What should we be looking for in a new Prime Minister?

Some of you have given me positive feedback about my interview with Danny Doran. If you’ve explored Danny’s site further (‘The Infinite Jigsaw Podcast’), you’ll have come across the ten short interviews that Danny made with ‘Carbon Mike’, who is the founder of the Foundationist movement – see I came across Danny after these interviews had started, and I’ve only recently finished listening to them all. I was struck by how much ‘Foundationism’ has in common with Christianity, but also the contribution that the Foundationist Manifesto could make towards the selection of a new British Prime Minister.

They that go down to the sea in ships……

For those who are regular visitors to this website, firstly, thanks for sticking with me during the last three and a bit years! I have the opportunity of a lifetime to do a long sail with an old friend, around much of the coast of the UK, over this summer. Although I’ll be taking a notebook, to store theological reflections, sadly it won’t be possible for me to post anything further until probably sometime in late September.