The lack of honesty and openness is damaging to the vaccine programme

I published on March 8th a post to explain why I’d declined to have the vaccine. I was recently asked whether I’d changed my mind.

All of the concerns that I had almost three months ago and which you can still read on this site are still as valid as the day I wrote them; I rather wish that wasn’t the case.

What, however, seems if anything to have deteriorated, is that many very highly qualified people have had their concerns ‘blocked’ by the media and other outlets. There are some very serious people who are now finding it almost impossible to get their research published, if it challenges the authorities’ desire for everyone to have the jab.

In the meantime, I fear that there are many people who don’t know what’s going on in the official reporting of problems that have been found following vaccines being administered (via the so-called Yellow Card system). I now have a wide readership of this blogsite, but I wonder how many of my longer-term, original readers are aware of the following numbers? Bear in mind that this is official reporting by the MHRA:

According to an updated report published on May 27th (covering the period up to May 19th), the MHRA Yellow Card reporting system has recorded a total of 859,481 events, based on 246,970 reports. The total number of fatalities reported is 1,213.

  • Pfizer (12.7 million first doses, 10.5 million second doses) now has one Yellow Card in 380 doses, 2.9 adverse reactions (i.e., symptoms) per card, one fatal reaction in 61,000 doses. 
  • AstraZeneca (24.2 million first doses, 10.7 million second doses) has one Yellow Card in 190 doses, 3.7 adverse reactions per card, one fatal reaction in 43,000 doses.
  • Moderna (0.3 million first doses) has one Yellow Card in 152 doses, 2.8 adverse reactions per card, one fatal reaction in 75,000 doses.

Note that these rates have dropped slightly from last week.*

This is not being reported on mainstream media. Why?

It is difficult to raise in a simple blogsite like this the problems that seem to be being hidden; the subject is too complex for someone like me to address. However, I did find the article that I’ve embedded here to be both very clear, written by highly qualified people, and potentially extremely worrying.

As always on this site, if you feel that you disagree with what is written in the article or by me, then by all means comment to say where you disagree with the article and why. Please!

The honest way to deal with these issues is to address the points that are raised and have an adult debate about them, so that people being vaccinated can decide for themselves, based on a true understanding of the risks. Do they know, for example, that there is a one in sixty thousand chance of death? Is that not something that people should know? How many know that the absolute risk reduction through having the vaccine is only 0.8%?

The way to destroy confidence is to try to ‘cancel’ all such comments and continue to claim that everything is ‘safe’ when the numbers quite clearly show concern. Based on the official data, how many people are dying because of having the vaccine?

*Data courtesy of, but from MHRA original source material

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