At last an honest ‘politician’ who is also a deep thinker – ‘The Irreverend podcast’ interview with Lord Frost

Congratulations to my friend Revd Jamie Franklin, whose podcast this week on his site at ( included a most interesting interview with Lord Frost. I have included a link below, and you might like to know that the actual interview ends at 1:09 hrs. The discussion amongst the irreverent team then runs until 1:33 hrs, so you don’t have to listen to it all in one ‘hit’.

If you prefer, as I’m aware some of my readers do, to read, a complete transcript appears here:

I hope you’ll find this as interesting as I did. Some of the best bits for me were when Lord Frost said that he was a non-practising believer, but was disappointed and frustrated by the Church. I have had many similar comments to my posts here.

And I also think that his agreement with Jamie Franklin that there is a problem with ethics in public life was revealing, coming from someone who’s been close to government for some time.

As always, do please let me know what you think

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