Update to my last post about ‘Vaccines’

Although the mainstream media have been very slow to pick up this story, the statement by Dutch MEP Rob Roos is now circulating widely, since being issued two days ago. You can see it here:

You should most definitely look at this, if you haven’t already seen it.

But I must admit, I have some questions about it:

Am I the only one who clearly remembers that the ‘vaccine’ producers never claimed that their products would stop you catching it, or spreading it, but that you should have the jabs because they would prevent you getting seriously ill or dying? Look it up, if you don’t believe me.

Secondly, that being the case, then how was the message changed from this to ‘You must get jabbed in order to protect the vulnerable’? Why was the message changed, and who by?

If I’m right that the ‘vaccine’ producers never claimed this, then we must assume that governments were responsible for changing the message, in order to push as many people into having the jabs as possible. Why would they do this?

I don’t think this lets the ‘vaccine’ producers off the hook, as they should have been shouting from the rooftops that governments were overstating what they claimed their products would do. They clearly had a huge financial incentive for not doing so.

But if governments changed the message deliberately and in the full knowledge that they were encouraging (and indeed in some places coercing) people to take a potentially harmful product that did not stop the spread of COVID, then prosecutions must follow.

The alternative is that the entire concept of vaccination will be damaged beyond repair, and that will lead to even more deaths, from products that have been tried and tested and proved to save lives over many generations – ie traditional vaccines against childhood diseases in particular.

Please do share this blog as widely as you can, or tell me where you think my argument is faulty.

2 thoughts on “Update to my last post about ‘Vaccines’

  1. Dear James

    Hello again and many thanks. Governments in pushing the vaccines were among other things pushing for a world wide trial that will prove, if it was ever truly necessary, that vaccines are, will be and always were utterly pointless. I have attached a link to my previous comment to you on another post of yours, but here it is again if I may.


    I am happy to discuss further if it helps. I will say this though; vaccines are Satan’s deceit part of his poisons he tries to force on the children of God.

    Kind regards


    • Thank you, alphaandomegacloud.com I agree completely with you about Vitamin D and also trying to adopt a more natural diet. And I also agree about avoiding any vaccinations where the benefit is unclear and the risks unknown. From my point of view I trust what is in the vaccines for flu etc even less now than I did before. This thing depends on trust and my trust had been very seriously damaged. Making it illegal to analyse what is in the COVID vaccines is terrifying (I believe this is the law in the US?) But I may not go as far as you concerning childhood vaccinations, particularly those that have been in use safely for decades. I would prefer, for the moment, to focus on the COVID ‘vaccine’ that is a) experimental, novel and given an emergency approval without going through the normal toxicology etc tests and b) the ‘vaccine’ that has ten times more reported adverse effects than all other vaccines combined over the last twenty years. Let’s fight this one and get it stopped first?

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